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All the basics are taken care of to start your business + some extra items that you may not even realise you need!

We develop your business through a concise practice process stream so that when completed, you are in the position to kick off your new business from day one!

You can concentrate on what you do best - your business! Let us take care of all the red tape and set up.

Our company sets up your ASIC, ABN and GST registration, create 5 logo samples, design your business stationery, register your domain name, set up your email and signature, construct a 5 page website, establishes an SSL Certificate, provide a 1 hour marketing session, a bookkeeping start up assessment, plus more!


Our package prices in total are far cheaper than you could source the services individually. So we can help you save heaps !

Plus, payment plans can be set up upon discussion.

As a part of the package, we provide a 5-page website using the services of experienced, local providers. Google shows that a very basic website can cost from $3000 to $6000, and that isn't even including SEO!

Average Logo & Signature costs are from $300 to $1300. A specialist lawyer will charge from $500 to $700 per hour. A qualified experienced Business coach will charge from $1000 for a two hour session. Bookkeeping services to set up accounting software will be in excess of $300 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) from Fat from some providers are $760 to $980 per month, or Google Adwords setup and maintenance costs from $600 + GST per month! These services are not cheap and can seem to add up quickly when starting your new business. Don't get overwhelmed by all the options and tasks out there. We can take care of the basics and get you to a point where you can start your business confidently and ready to go!

How do we achieve this?

Because we have long relationships with our Partners & associates, we have organized the purchase of multiple hourly blocks from them. As a consequence of the guarantees of cash flow,  we managed to lower the price structures for many of our services. These savings has been passed on to you. This results in package prices that are significantly less than those you would be able to obtain should you contact individually for these services.

Getting Started

Company Registration

Business Name Registration (3 Years)

Australian Business Number & GST Registration

Development of Business Structure

Creation of logo samples + logo package

Domain Registration (2 Years)

Business Stationery Design

Email set up

Email Signature

Website Construction + 1 Year of Hosting

Business Bookeeping Xero or MYOB Setup

Insurance Quotes

SSL Implementation

1 Hour Solicitor Session

1 Hour Accountant Session

1 Hour Marketing Session

1 Hour IT Advice Session

Finance Broker (if required)

Skype / Zoom Set Up

Business Coaching Session

Raise Your Profile 

If you really want to up the ante and get your marketing really firing from day one, then this package is for you!

In addition to our Getting Started Package, we provide an initial package of printing, 12 months of 24 hour /7 days IT Support, extra marketing sessions, a bigger website, a data base for email marketing, setup of a payment portal, a one-hour Business Automation Session, Social Media setup for Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, Setup of SEO and Google Adwords.

Everything in the Getting Started Package, PLUS

12 Page Website

Printing Pack

Additional Marketing Sessions

12 Months of IT Assistance

Search Engine Optimization

Google Adwords Campaign Set up

Database supply for relevant Industry

Creation of 1300 Number + 3 Month Subscription

Payment Portal Set Up

Social Media Set Up

Business Success

This package has been established to provide every little thing you need to start your business. In addition to our Raise Your Profile Package, we set up your full marketing plan and provide ongoing support for the first 3 months of your operation including Search Engine Optimization, Google Adwords, Landing Page , Email Marketing Advice, 10 Blog Posts , Social Media , Provide 2 sessions of Basic Marketing, Provide A PR Release and Distribution, Sessions with a Business Coach and an Automated Marketing Specialist . This will allow you to concentrate on developing and selling your product or service. In addition we cover all the Legal and Government requirements plus provide sessions with an Accountant, a Business Solicitor , a Bookkeeper and a Systems Specialist.

Should you require it we will also provide assistance in developing a Business Plan. We can also provide assistance with Pricing, Market Research, Development of Terms and Conditions

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